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 ULUstory Coaching Gift Cards

🎁 Give the gift of connection and confidence. 🎁 

This gift card provides more than just a coaching session. It serves as a pathway to personal and professional development, utilizing the power of storytelling to truly make an impact. It's the perfect gift for someone who aspires to be a great storyteller. Each session includes a customized 1-hour virtual coaching session designed to meet the recipient's specific goals and needs.

A B2B managed services platform which helps every user find and craft their many stories in a science-based format within minutes, to create and foster trust+empathy+inclusion 


How to build everyday relationships through storytelling

Join us in this talk with our CEO and founder Deb Pagnotta


Everyday Relationship Building: A Broad River Gathering

Date and time: Tuesday, May 23 · 6:30 - 8pm EDT

Does the word "networking" make you think of stiff suits and forced interactions? Not anymore! In our combination workshop/end-of-year party, we'll explore how to build genuine human connection in a casual and organic way - no corporatese, no blah blah blah, and no BS.

The ULUstory experience



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"ULUstory is revolutionizing how we build and share stories, using a scientifically proven format that generates sustainable trust and empathy, creating authentic connections between people. It's a perfect example of how technology can be used to create positive social change. I think it's a game-changer."

Paul Zak
Paul J. Zak, Founder, Immersion Neuroscience, and author

"Everyday Relationship Building: Storytelling, Stickiness, and Synergy" provided us invaluable tools. Her contagious enthusiasm and interactive approach brought the power of storytelling to life. Sharing our own stories and engaging with others revealed the value of storytelling, along with practical steps for deeper connections. Deb's insights showed that authentic engagement through storytelling opens doors to personal and business success. Highly recommended for anyone seeking to enhance interpersonal skills and unlock new realms of achievement."

Ronnie Siegel
Ronnie Siegel, Collage Creative Principal