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ULUstory Hot Tips

  • Tip

    When you say the words “once upon a time, “ listeners oxytocin levels go up automatically.  Use this wisely.

  • Tip

    ULUstories which depict transformation from negative to positive situations, values, beliefs or attitudes, tend to generate more oxytocin in listeners than stories that focus primarily on personal suffering.

ULUstory White Papers

The Storytelling App for Inclusion, Engagement and Skill Development

Communication is broken. Trust is broken. Personally, institutionally, and systemically. ULUstory™ provides a startlingly effective and multi-use companion or standalone solution: a science-based scalable, simple, and skill-development tool which helps employees build trust, foster inclusiveness, break down bias, foster pro-social action and improve communication. It works across barriers. With strangers. And even with people we don’t like.